Sunday, March 16, 2008

Victors as King and Losers as Slaves

Dear Natascha,

I have just read your email this morning after you notified about the "protest" happened outside the parliament house. As you understand that it is still morning to have a cup of English Breakfast over here in London, I decided to defer my letter to you later. The Internet is a beautiful piece of technology that has enhanced the frontline between our Enemy and us. Speed, as my Chinese counterpart lingering in China told me, is the key to our victory.

Seriously, I laughed out loud at the protest happened in the Parliament House. It's just 20 people. This is nothing compared to how our enemy has mobilized half a million protestors when we managed to seduce George and Tony both to launch the war in Iraq. How can 20 people made such a difference? In fact, our mouthpieces (Straits Times and Channel News Asia) are so disgraceful in putting up so little pictures for these clowns, with their typical brand of smearing, consider our enemy (The Online Citizen) have done a better job in making them look like idiots with videos.

What really made me laugh all the time, is that these idiots from the Singapore Democratic Party could actually bite the hand that helps them (TOC) by sending internet assassins to smear them by association with our minions. That baffles me sometimes about human nature, although we firmly believe that human nature is evil, from the day, our Enemy threw Adam and Eve down to Earth. Actually, you should start whisper to our mouthpiece to be as bold as these SDP sympathisers so that the Singaporeans can start feeling more helpless about their situation and more hopeless that they would always be colonized by the ruling oligarchy called PAP. In fact, to stop the minions of our Enemy like Cherian George to criticise our mouthpiece for lack of credibility, they should post more youtube videos and flickr photos to boost their nothing left reputation for being a yes-man.

I mused to myself when I heard this blogger made this remark which smacks of cowardice and that's the reason why these opposition would fail. Even their sympathisers are making a quick run when our barking dogs (the police) have taken control of the situation:

"Then one by one, the police arrested each member of the group that locked arms. There were around 15 arrests in total. I did not photograph the arrests itself as I was myself decked in red and did not wish to approach closer. Pseudonymity the blogger did a superb job of that.

I sat down, stunned and shocked at the sheer high-handedness of the police. Someone came up to me and said LaMei and I should change out of our red T-shirts, lest we get arrested as well.

Later on, when the police dispersed, we changed back to normal attire, and wanted to head to Cantonment with some friends who were next of kind of the protesters to find out more.

Just then, a Straits Times reporter came up to me and abruptly asked me, why have I changed back to normal attire?"

You see, this is the reason why the cabinet ministers who served us are always winning the number of seats in the parliament. Even if those dumb peasants out there can cough out 50% of the vote, they cannot take out the GRC poison well we made for them. In fact, someone (must be an operative under our Enemy) has demonstrated the statistical reasoning behind our secret for success. In fact, the real reason of our success is to have "competent" ministers to anchor on each and everyone of these GRC, and that would ensure that the peasants would have no choice but to vote for our cause.

My Chinese counterpart once told me of this saying, “胜者为王 败者为寇” and no matter what these miniscule opposition tried to do on World Consumer Rights Day event, they would bound to fail. In fact, you can always rub salt on their wounds by conning a few of those European expatriates to do the same thing and have no interference from the police. That would continue to tell these monkeys that we have a double standards treatment, but telling them straight on the face, "So what, we are the government, and we can do whatever we please even if we can let these ang-mohs protest and you can."

While all these little fiascos are happening, I am happy to hear from you that you have gotten your useless Home Minister to stone wall on the inquiry.

Evil laughter all over,
Uncle Screwtape