Monday, March 17, 2008

Global Markets, Tibet and Opposition Down Our Throats

Dear Natascha,

I read your new email with guffaw. That's because our mouthpieces are continuing with the falsehoods which we want them to propagate on the opposition. It pleases me to see them screaming in pain and anger. Together with our own placements in cyberspace, for example, the grassroots pro-PAP member named Lucky Tan, SDP is associated with words like militant and trouble makers.

Don't these morons ever learn? There are two kinds of people who we corrupt. First, the ones who are in power and those who have resorted to extreme methods and justified their own crap with freedom and democracy. Now, they have lost some money again to us. Every $1000 bail they pay are feeding our dogs to bark louder at them. So much for those monkeys. Their existence is to help us to ensure that the other moderate party (belong to our Enemy) would be smeared together.

A lot of things have happened in the past 24 hours. Just when the investment banks affected by the subprime mortgage crisis (Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and UBS) were covered by your sovereign wealth funds (GIC and Temasek), now another mess started popping up. Now, Bear Stearns is now acquired at US$2 by another investment bank, JP Morgan. I told Rupert to continue the chaos and get the Federal Reserve to continue cutting interest rates. Of course, we have a sinister motive in mind. With the US$ reduced, we would induce livelihood problems for every one else who is on our Enemy's side. I expect you to activate our soverign wealth funds for new fresh investments.

I believe that you need to start looking around your own backyard. The housing market in Singapore is reaching a standstill. It would be important to remind the Minister for housing to start controlling prices, before the bubble of the housing boom begin to bust. That comes to something which comes to my attention. How did you let those people in Gillman Heights protest against the en-bloc? Looks like your en-bloc lies have finally caught up with you. Still, you have managed to convince those greedy Singaporeans to cash out with their houses and downgrad to poorer houses. Of course, do keep track of these losers who would start voting our minions to power again.

The other issue which I need to notify you is the Tibet issue. Those human rights idiots from our Enemy side are making noise again. I know why they are up to. Their reason is to stop the Chinese from making the Olympics happen. Do make sure that our Enemy don't get the United Nations involved. I believe your uncle in China would stone wall and continue with military crackdown with those protesters and if possible, gun them down.

Continue our work with flourishing evil,
Uncle Screwtape