Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Double Dealing Government Linked Companies and Retired Civil Servant

Dear Natascha,

What a bad Friday this was. Once again, it was another year that our Enemy have managed to further their existence. I once recalled back long time, I took time to write a set of letters to a younger demon on how to corrupt a minion on the other side. However, we still have to work on such long days.

Recently, everyone has been hammering on the credibility of our mouthpieces, from Cherian George (that academic seem to have an understanding called calibrated coercion) to that retired hypocrite former civil servant named Ngiam Tong How. All these people can do would only be talk, talk and talk. I did made a point earlier about why Ngiam Tong How, a self-praised mandarin of the Civil Service can only talk but do nothing against the establishment. He is sounding like a broken record, trying to set things right after joining us for messing up the system from scholars to the bureaucracy of the Civil Service. With the high salaries we gave him, he had already become part of our machinery to continue the work of our Dark Lord.

If he is such an accomplished civil servant, he would have realized why we would never liberalize our mouthpieces. The answer is simple: Power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It made me cringe with these hypocritical so-called civil society old folks started to rail against the government, but with an inherent desire that they wish to be armchair critics. If Ngiam that old barking dog is not with us, then he is against us. Going around and making useless speeches like these would not help. He must be given a rebuke. You need to start getting the Old Man out to teach him a lesson, or let Ngiam have a gaffe such that we can create tremendous press to discredit him.

Let me change the subject to businesses in your disney land with a death penalty. I heard that one of our telecommunications companies have secured the contract for the Champions League. I notice that the local agencies have started a campaign to teach ESPN, the foreign corporation which we seduced here with exemption of taxes. First, Starhub has double dealed against ESPN with the Premiere League and now Singtel with the Champions League. These companies are so silly. Looks like one of our minions Murdoch has gotten the right idea to take over media companies and control the cable television. I am amazed on how we set up trojan horses for these foreign companies which turned up here in Singapore. The only possibility of survival is to use Singapore as a HQ and put casinos to get these top executives in these foreign corporations to pay us indirect taxes.

I am not happy now with the news that the Soverign Wealth Funds of Singapore and UAE are now compromising with the government of US. It would make life difficult for our money operation in the future.

Bad Bad Friday,
Uncle Screwtape