Monday, March 03, 2008

Short of Yes Men Lately?

Dear Natascha,

We have been corresponded a lot with each other lately. Our dark Lord has asked me to put more attention into the events happening on your little red dot. He was unhappy about the performance of the Home Minister and asked me why you have persuaded the Old Man to fire him. After all, in the United Kingdom, where I am humbly from, any minister who committed a mistake would be ransacked by the press. Oh I forgot, you don't have a credible press to start off with in the first place.

That comes to my other point. That independent commission of inquiry you have assembled was disappointing and provided additional ammunition for the peasants, particularly those bleeding hearts like Mr Wang to start moaning and whinging about it. Let me recall the list of three commission members appointed to carry out the inquiry: retired High Court judge Goh Joon Seng, former Commissioner of Police Tee Tua Ba, who is now Singapore's Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, and Dr Choong May Ling, Deputy Secretary (Security and Corporate Services) of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The first two appointees looks independent at least from the face. But the last one is really shooting yourself in the foot. Even a five year old kid can tell you that it is a conflict of interest. I know your strategy. To ensure a hearing that bears no consequences for that useless home minister, you need to exert some strings for control of the outcome. Putting the Home Minister's servant on it will ensure that one yes woman for you. She cannot be independent, because we control her high paying civil servant salaries, not to mention that we cut her bonuses at the end of the year.

That is the problem. By putting this woman on, either you must be running on your damned ego or you are short of yes men. I have no problems for you to put your yes man on the commission but at least be discreet. Of course, you can always call up those clowns from the press room to spin the story that she would be partial and fair. I would suggest that you let some peasants publish letters complaining about the independence of the commission. Otherwise, the anger in the peasants might deepen.

Lastly, I remain convinced that you would hunt down the terrorist, but please learn to manage your ego and your highly paid ministers' ego too.

In Repressable Anger,
Uncle Screwtape