Saturday, March 08, 2008

Time to Select those new Yes-men

Dear Natascha,

Thankfully, the crisis is still ongoing. But I read with pleasure about your latest letter on the release of the GCE 'A' level results. Once again, it is that time of the year to select new scholars from the top junior colleges in Singapore for our gigantic bureaucratic machine.

Of course, since the dawn of time, we have planned it in such a way that the best and the brightest would have no choice but to go for these bonded scholarships (which we made them suffer later at the ends of their bureaucratic and double faced seniors in Ivy League schools). Oftentimes, I am happy with the selection but sometimes, the system will spit out those who would rebel the system (for example, that little spoilt brat who insulted that ex-chairman from the A-STAR and some loser scholars serving out their painful bonds). Sometimes, I wonder how 18 year old kids can be so dumb to sign their future away to our minions.

Perhaps, they are poor but smart. Even if they got the scholarships and do well in the Ivy League, with the wrong family name or background, where would they go? Didn't the retired Justice's daughter is now the chairperson of a board now? Did they not realize that their parents have already determined their capped ceiling for them when they signed their lives away? Of course, these morons are cast in the limelight of our favourite mouthpiece with their success stories. Vanity is my favourite sin, as we cast these spoilt brats from the top junior colleges (fanned together by greed and lust for glory and a trophy in getting a scholarship), they would fall to our temptation. I do recall a distant past where a little midget named Gayle who signed on with the Dark Side. That's how powerful we are. No matter how much integrity and backbone these young 18 year olds claim to have, we would shatter and break them to become our evil minions. Who would be so stupid to refuse big money in the far future where they are promoted to permanent secretaries and members of parliament?

I must say that your way of indoctrinating these kids to become part of our machinery is amazing. With the help of your cousins in London and New York, you have led these young kids to the realm of taking drugs (for once) or become pornographic stars (like that young girl named Annabelle Chong). Of course, who would not be impressed that we have made them go wild, particular the women (of some who broke their bonds to be comfort women for their caucasian husbands). Of course, your way of organizing them within their own cliques will pave their way to ignore the influence of western media and stop them for being led astray. Of course, we would lose a few of them to our Enemy in the name of western democracy.

Continue with our efforts and you would be rewarded with elites who would continue to be a bunch of spineless fools to the policies which would harm the peasants of the country.

Deep in Vanity,
Uncle Screwtape