Thursday, March 13, 2008

Damage Control Begins

Dear Natascha,

Looks like your new efforts for a PR offensive with the Singaporeans have begun. I was taking a peek on our prestigious mouthpiece and saw that a cabinet minister has made one of those patronizing remarks that it is healthy to ask if government is doing enough. I am dead certain that they would be doing "enough" to ensure that no GRC would fall into the hands of our enemy. In fact, I was musing to myself that the government started spreading scientific fallacies like recent heavy rain not caused by global warming. Already our number one grassroots supporter Lucky Tan has told his fellow peasants that voting for the opposition would have severe impact on the economy.

Already some of the bloggers like that wimpy Mr Wang have raised the white flag before the propaganda from our enemy has started on the bloggers in setting them to move to politics. If you have not read, one of these centrist bloggers already started to make politically correct comments like "The strength of the local blogging community is that they are non-political. Once you have bloggers entering politics, it undermines the purity of blogging, because bloggers are supposed to be neutral." What purity is that. Let me issue a word of sense to such stupidity of this blogger in general. Either you are with us or you are against us.

Standing on a fence is just silly. Of course, the better joke comes from the so-called Singapore Democratic Party who asked the peasants to hope. False hope is what they are preaching, because you have already converted them to our side, by being our indirect proxies to screw the friends of our enemy. Did they not realize that the fact that we have already controlled the economics of the country would ensure that we would hold them to their balls? Ultimately, Singaporeans are worried about their livelihoods. Looks like your understanding of economics supercede your cousin Natalie who made a mess in Malaysia with corruption and rising costs of living.

In our evil world where we corrupt the smartest to be the dumbest like what your cousin Rupert has successfully sent the famous Eliot Spitzer (hero from our enemy side in his attempts to hammer our investment banks and insurance companies) into shame with that prostitute ring. Man can resist anything except temptation. Now he is back to the typical politician's excuse of spending time with his family.

While you spent your time to "fix" the opposition, I would urge you to look north to see how the flu epidemic that our Evil Lord has unleashed on Hong Kong. Of course, make sure your minions, particularly the Health Minister do not screw up like the Home Minister last week. If you are on cruise control on stopping the bleeding for our domination, we would not need to worry about those silly bloggers making empty vessels and stay neutral.

Lust, my favourite sin,
Uncle Screwtape