Monday, March 24, 2008

New Strategies of Calibrated Coercion

Dear Natascha,

It looks like change is going on with the various political landscapes in Asia from Pakistan to Taiwan. I just heard from your Uncle Mo in Taiwan that they dumped the party of Chen Shui Bian and now elected a new guy (who's on our side) named Ma Ying-jeou into the Taiwan presidency. What I liked about him is that he is coaxing his own kind to join back the communist regime we installed in mainland China many years back. That will mean new capitalist expansion for us, for that dumb Chen kept touting the independence of Taiwan. That will provide new battleground for us to deal with our enemies in the United States.

Of course, I was annoyed by our Enemy's assistance to Barack Obama with his speech on race. I told Rupert to get our mouthpiece in US (Fox News and CNN) to start the smearing. I thought that Rupert's idea of calling Bill Richardson "Judas" was funny. It worries that this Obama fever is now hitting the guillible young Singaporeans in your territory. I told Rupert to spend more time to help Hillary Clinton to beat him and the only way is to use divisive tactics and inexperience to tear down this half black and half white man. After all, who needs change and better politics where the old school of divide and conquer matters?

That is why I wrote to you. Of course, I wonder which idiot from the Other Side has told Cherian George the central tenet of our strategy to hold power: calibrated coercion. With the Obama fever hitting Singapore, we need new ways and means to deal with these people. I believe that the way to do this is to have a new Chee Soon Juan among the ranks of the bloggers and we would use our old ways of defamation and character assassination to send this individual to hell.

What is the pragmatic implementation you might ask, my dear niece. First, as usual, start with the goodies again. First, you bribed the Singaporeans in April like what you did before in the last elections, while keeping your GST and tax hikes after the election. Of course, now with the impact of Natalie's incompetence with the Malaysians, you need to give goodies during non-election years. Second, start useless charity foundations like this one called NTUC foundation and create low cost mini-marts to sell poor quality groceries to look like that the ruling party cares about the poor. After all, isn't this really funny that we own the unions which are supposed to be independent? Third, prepare the next Obama to be destroyed. I have a few choices which you can start working on: Mr Brown, Mr Wang, Yawning Bread (given that he saw through our Internal Security Act tactic) and Aaron Ng (since he is a supporter of this so-called change politics). These people can urge big crowds, and so we start with illegal assembly and tonnes of military mobilization to jail those young idealistic idiots (likely we only get a handful and not 2,000 to 3,000 students in the Tiananmen massacre)

Use this strategy of calibrated coercion wisely and effectively, you must give some and take more. Why do I mean that? You can liberalize porn but then attack the liberals like Catherine Lim. You can jail our indoctrinated SDP members to induce fear to the populace. You can try to acquire Google or Yahoo! to get the search records and those pseudonym bloggers who have been thwarting our Internet efforts. Always have two classes of members of parliament: those like Lily Neo who would fight for the poor and those cabinet ministers who don't want to give public assistance to the poor and elderly. After all, why care where they are all white and not black? Worst case scenario, you can try to convert bloggers to join us, perhaps get Xiaxue to run for elections.

No matter how Singaporeans try, they would fail to change the politics of divisiveness to politics of hope. That's because we have locked them in a third class world with our calibrated coercion and bribes.

Hate is the answer to all problems,
Uncle Screwtape