Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sympathizers and Elites

Dear Natascha,

The time in hell is always one of eternity. I have read your letters with glee lately, as the anger of the citizens your minions are controlling are starting to tone down. Looks like your strategy of calibrating the opposition so that a freak election won't happen is starting to work. Those citizens will have no time to think about how we impose control and create a false sense of security for them. The reason is simple, with our Evil Lord's new release of H1N1 virus and global financial crisis version 10, the whole world seemed to be caught in a constant fear and anxiety. If you are smart, you should be steering your effort to complete the finishing touches before the dawn of the next Singapore general election.

You should take a leaf from your cousin Rupert, who have recently made a scapegoat out of the Ponzi scheme maker, Madoff who cheated the whole world of US$50B. Not to mention those investment wankers we have seeded in Wall Street who are still enjoying high compensations with the same old broken record statement "we need to retain the best talent in Wall Street". In fact, nowadays cheap is a dirty word. Look at what happened to the British members of Parliament, a little mischief from my part has created havoc for them, where a daily London newspaper has exposed the misdeeds of these politicians in over claiming expenses. The British still think that politicians are working for their welfare. They should take a leaf from your minions to set the high pay from the start and use the convenient stonewalling strategy that we need to attract the best and brightest with high pay. In fact, politics need a 2.0 like how those clowns from the Internet that are constantly reporting the wrong news like Jeff Goldblum & Natalie Portman just "died".

Speaking of which, I read with distaste lately from one of your minions who was a supporter of our minions. I can't believe that our sub-minions have started to criticise our minions about sustainable development. Obviously, it is stupidity and written all over this clown that he's an ex-civil servant. How did he not know of your minions' strategy to control the citizens of the country by the pork barrel politics of upgrading and selling flats as assets? Perhaps, his brain is so fried that he did not understand the meaning of politics with a capital P. The other sub-minion has been trawling on the wrong side with discussions of elitism. You also need to start talking to your future spawns and ask them to tone down their elitist talk. Yes, we all know that those scholars your minions sent out are the best and the brightest from a selected subset of people who know how to pass exams, but they need to remember that what happened to the best and brightest during the French Revolution. The royals all ended up in the guillotine. Otherwise, you will get our enemies to provide an opening that will give the citizens power again. I also have to remind you to start preventing knowledge of those failed and weak elites (who killed themselves) your minions have selected from our "meritocratic system". The way to narrow the gap is to have our minions, the politicians to pretend that they care for the people and throw the civil servants (who spend 45K to learn to be chefs) under the bus.

My only advice for you to "fix" the ex-sympathizers of our minions is to continue and screw their brain with how the elites are failing them. As for our kid elites, be prepared to send them to correction camps like the Chinese did to their scholars during the Chinese Revolution.

Always Be Evil,
Uncle Screwtape