Thursday, February 28, 2008

When you give an inch, they take a yard

Dear Natascha,

From the rate that you are going, you will never be able to turn up in Johor to irritate your cousin's enemies. I am distraught by the mess that things are going. First, your highly paid ministers (with salaries fitting close to the investment bankers, the management consultants, the lawyers and those ridiculous specialist scientists) have messed up with the budget surplus. Yesterday, they have successfully let the terrorist run scot free. Now, demos in Speaker Corner review, you must be joking.

It's all about perception. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Your work with the Old Man have been good, converting him from a democratic socialist to a benevolent dictator. Nowadays with his role that created modern Singapore, nobody in the country dare to say something else. He has created the presence of fear everywhere. The solution when he dies is not to liberalize, but to evangelise his way of governance. It's to make him a legend that his way of treating opposition and the way to go for a stable and wealthy Singapore is to have a competent government.

Our spin about equating competent government to generate meagre wealth for the peasants have worked well. What happens when you allowed liberalization? You will start to see more protests, and the "foreign media" which we created will start to seep into Singapore and cause trouble. What would happen is that our money laundering operation through Singapore for the other dictators (those dumb generals from Myanmar) will be gone? How can you let protests to happen? The more the peasants start seeing opposition getting screwed would invoke more sympathy for the underdog. The benevolent dictatorship would work because the Old Man's work has created many mini-LKYs, for e.g. Phillip Yeo who can talk back to MPs and tell them off like he's the boss. We already have the infrastructure to change the top notched Ivy League scholars into a bunch of spineless, bootlicking top civil servants taking high pay but demonstrate bureaucratic incompetence.

The continued strategy I would offer to you is the following:
  • Allow indoor protests and no outdoor: Don't give them Speakers Corner. Just let those useless nominated Members of Parliament to whine and whinge about the past incidents and let the bloggers just continue moaning in cyberspace. It does a few things for us. First, it encourages Wayang Party Crew, Soci, Singapore Elections Watch (SDP cronies), Jasper, Chee Soon Juan and Co to help us to smear the other opposition parties. They will just continue to be a cannon fodder until their descendants take over.
  • Gangster Strategy from the Old Man: Always activate the old man to start an attacking campaign like the way he did to James Gomez. Of course, you should liase with your counterparts in Europe and US (you know, those spineless and hypocritical Ivy League Dons and those big organization presidents - former investment bankers like the World Bank and IMF) to invite him to World Forums and talk down to the rest of them. Get all the committees to give him awards and accolades like the ANU, and use them to incite protests in the other countries. Of course, your job is to forever put him the perpetual thinking that every political fight he is in, reminds him of the communist days, even if times have changed. His eternal retribution (created by us the demons) is that he would die with the younger generation of quitters spitting on his grave.
  • Liberalization is useless and are for the weak: Pretend to liberalize but really always throw a hammer on them when those liberals like Catherine start opening their mouth about a post LKY era.
The important lesson is that when you give people an inch, they will want a yard. Singaporeans are greedy. The only way to treat peasants is to make sure that they have a third world mind, like those Chinese, Indian and Eastern Europeans who are lured to Singapore as foreign talent. The country will continue to grow but the people will continue to have no way to make any form of uprising. Then our domination with the sovereign wealth funds owning the western banks would be complete.

Your damned Uncle,