Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Power of Money: From Opposition to Budget 2008

Dear Natascha,

Good to hear from you. I have taken a walk around the Internet to see how your evil plot works against the minions of our enemy. Of course, those no-life internet sock puppets you planted for your minions have performed well.

Your little trick of political smearing has once performed it purpose. Those clowns, aka the opposition members who are anti-WP members have become retarded enough not to realize that they are working for the ruling party indirectly. By making public calls for the TOC editorial board to resign and putting pressure on them, they have done exactly what we wanted. Now our hold for evil power with the ruling party in the internet will finally be complete. It often amuses me how those SDP morons and anti-WP goons have worked against themselves with their call for their freedom. They neither possess the credentials and credibility for politics. They think that they can talk like Obama but in Singapore, we prefer a Clinton or a Bush.

Sooner or later, they will realize that they would never be able to achieve their cause. After all, through all the taxes collected and the pay rise for our minions in the cabinet, we have money to stamp over their face. That's what they failed on the first day. If Chee Soon Juan and JBJ understand economics, they would not be getting slapped by the very people which they sought to protect. Obviously, the power of money is our best weapon against these political freedom fighters and martyrdom is too good a word to describe them.

Even if they can speak like the best orators in the world, they cannot beat our machinery. Our strategy of giving money to the Singaporeans have always defeated their rhetoric about rising costs of living and the new poor in Singapore. After all, Singaporeans are people with first world infrastructure but third world aspirations. Oftentimes, we just need to tease them with flat subsidies and a bit of "progress" package and Singapore shares, we would be able to make them forget about how we slowly chipped away their savings for world domination. The leaders who you whispered to, have now spent billions to acquire those banks out there. It's not really for good investment, but to feed the old and venerable leader's taste of reverse colonization.

Removing the estate tax was a fantastic idea, since you are now making class more apparent in Singapore. The rich will get richer and sooner or later, we can recreate the caste system in India. In fact, the way how you dressed up the LIFE package and conned those poor workers out there have told me that no matter how Singaporeans think, they would still be strangled by the power of money. The Budget 2008 is a fantastic way to demonstrate that our power can make Singaporeans bow to us because we can bribe them with money. The tax rebate was a perfect idea, and they don't really realize that the 20% they got is definitely far lesser than how we have managed to tax everyone with 7% GST. My kudos to how the con job is done to make the Singaporeans feel better.

As soon as those whiners who complete the job of defaming the TOC gang, we would be happy. The internet is just a small world, and I have just found out that Singaporeans just care about their cars and flats. Of course, they would be like laboratory rats, subject to the forces of the government in making them love and hate them through taxes and little freedom of speech.

In fact, I want to give you my final prediction, even if there is a Obama in Singapore, he would be squeezed and destroyed by both the ruling party and the opposition gang ran by the SDP and the anti-WP members. That Obama would be first be discredited with lack of academic qualifications from the ruling party and then be defammed for being close to the ruling party, for example, he works for so and so PAP MP. It is this two way tussle that a Singapore Obama will fail. Besides, the Singapore Obama, unlike the real one, have no way because he is poor. Do you think that the Singaporeans are so giving like their counterparts in US? Asians are just a bunch of selfish people and that is why they were colonized by the western world for three centuries. Unlike in the US, words don't matter and speeches don't matter. In fact, we should have paid Hilary Clinton to come to Singapore as a foreign talent. She would do so much better if she was a Singaporean. She would not have lost to Obama since Singaporeans don't give a damn about inspiration..

Yes, the power of money. A fantastic budget for you to have cooked up to consolidate our power. In the end, we would prevail because Singaporeans love money and fears the Father, the Son and the Holy Goh.

In eternal hate,
your beloved Uncle Screwtape