Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hypocrisy of Established Individuals

Dear Natascha,

I received your email this morning with the interesting video link sent to me. You mentioned over the email that you were appalled by this Singaporean writer named Catherine Lim. I decided to check it out and have laughed out loud about what she said. You thought that her speeches spread over the Internet might help our enemy in their cause. This is the reason why I decided to draft a quick reply to you.

You see, my dear niece, you know what, Catherine sounded like a broken record. It reminded of that so called "government critic" who was an ex-civil servant, or they called him "The Mandarin". His name, if I did not forget, is Ngiam Tong How. I often laughed at the people who are standing on the side of our enemy. Those self-professed critics are nothing but useless. Notice that Ngiam Tong How started criticising the government after he was a lackey for many years, and accused his ex-boss of allowing the younger civil servants to be "mini-LKYs". Obviously, he was jealous that he did not get as many perks as his younger counterparts. The same with Catherine Lim is that she is making the same kind of accusations the same way.

These people served a common pattern. They are established but they have no courage. Reading Catherine's dumb piece about the post LKY era, makes me cringe. What is the problem? She does not understand that human beings are corrupt and would do anything to stay in power. If she really love to comment so much, why not be like Jeff Ooi to go and contest an election? Ngiam Tong How, that old monkey, after receiving salary from us, must have suffered from some old man disease. That fool starts to go around and criticise the civil service and come up with this nonsensical idea of alternative elite. How can there be an alternative elite where you, my dear niece has already managed to make sure that all those scholars who would see their souls to the PAP later? Of course, Catherine should at least try to win a Nobel Prize for literature (which is mainly awarded to dissidents who slammed their own governments).

Honestly, you need to tell the Old Man to give that Ngiam Tong How a big rebuke. If Ngiam Tong How is really passionate about the problems, he should just join our enemy and run for elections. Of course, he does not dare to do that, because we would eventually launched a campaign to smear him and call him a traitor. The other thing is that Ngiam preferred his retirement since he realized that he might lose all his savings through our menu of legal lawsuits served on him.

At the end of the day, you can ease your anger about those established individuals' criticisms about your power base. It's simple and just let them rant. You know what, we have managed to convert our harshest critics to join us. Think about how I taught you how to crush the forgotten civil society group called RoundTable by converting the founder to join the ruling party. Today, he is a cursed minister of transport. After all, we have the sovereign wealth funds to buy talent to do the "co-opt" campaign.

So, don't be pissed off by what these established individuals say. In fact, if they are really smart, we can turn him or her into the loudhailer like Chee Soon Juan and his bunch of double faced democrats who would smear their own kind and lie for the sake being seen as opposition. They are poor and useless since we controlled the DBS and Citibank accounts of their friends and relatives.

Let me know how things would be in a week's time. She would be forgotten and the article you sent me would soon be archived into the group of failed visionaries in their country.

In Eternal Hate,
Uncle Screwtape