Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Infernal Affairs - Singapore Style

Dear Natascha,

It has been sometime since I have heard from you. After all, your cousin Rupert, the drake demon told me that he was having fun messing around with the candidates in the Democratic Primary. Rupert's way of using Bill to twist and bend issues about Osama, oops, sorry, Obama, helps to cause problems for the Democrats.

Enough said about the situation in US. The reason why I have written to you is because of your recent DVDs you sent to my place. Thankfully, with your DVDs, I can pass my time properly. Those idiots from the Writers Guild in US have stopped produce violent, erotic and sexual material. One of the most interesting series which you have sent me is 無間道 (Infernal Affairs in English). I liked it although I need to hire a chinese demon to make the translation for me. It is absolutely amazing. It recalled a conspiracy story which you have told me many years back. Your whispers through the peasants of Singapore about the ruling and opposition political parties in Singapore placing moles in each other's camp. After watching Infernal Affairs, I realized where you stole the plot from.

Of course, I can see the parallels from the story. The gangster Hon Sum sounded like the old JoBoJo guy who go around in City Hall with the loudhailer shouting "Buy the Hammer" many eons back. Inspector Wong is so much like the Holy Father (or Minister Mentor), who place a mole in the opposition party. I can see why you fitted that half Chinese-Indian minister to be the mole from the opposition party (he started off a critic and then a turncoat), while the guy named Chee fitted the Tony Leung perfectly but he looked ugly. The tale is so fantastic that I can see why that retarded Jasper guy is now going around all the forums to propagate your conspiracy theory for you.

I am impressed by your efforts on the Jaspar guy who goes around spilling nonsense about the The Online Citizen and Soci, the British guy who runs a Singapore front (and he still thinks that he can colonize Asians like the way his forefathers did). Now the whole blogosphere is in a mess. No wonder, you wrote to me and said that you don't need to teach the ruling party what to do. Just sitting here and watching the whole episode implode has greatly amused me today. The way to divide people in the blogosphere is not to send an army in, but instead divide and conquer the remaining weak factions. It is really amazing to see those idiots who championed the causes of the mole Chee have reached this state. They have to lie in order to succeed, because they have been ostracized by the ruling party to tell the truth.

You have mastered the art of useless associations in the process. I am happy that you taught the leaders of the ruling party to come up with associations for youth groups and political groups like a bundle. The technique to twist the truth "the YEC committee is part of the PAP machinery" is a remarkable feat. Of course, not to mention how you planted all the Yes-men in town councils such that even if the opposition gained power, they have no money. Of course, as time goes along, black becomes white and white becomes black. Even those retarded morons like Jasper and Soci are now using Kevin Bacon's six degrees of seperation to ensure that the editors of TOC are linked to the PAP. I don't know how they do it, but I am sure that you are the one who taught them.

The sad truth is that the peasants will never be able to tell the difference between the good guys and bad guys. It is this which will help to further our cause.

You must write to me soon and tell me whether you have successfully sunk TOC for the ruling party.

In Eternal Hate,
Uncle Screwtape