Monday, May 04, 2009

Our Evil Gains from the AWARE Fiasco

Dear Natascha,

Thank you for your sketchy memo about the situation in AWARE EGM two days back. Our enemies have indeed ushered their comrades to deal with the Christian fundamentalists (particularly, the feminist mentor whom we have corrupted her with myopic and contra-Christian values that have now surfaced to the public) which we have corrupted years back. Honestly, I have laughed out loud when I saw the feminist mentor being ridiculed and shouted down by the liberals (who are the children of our Lord's immortal enemy). If our liberal friends think that they have won, they are absolutely wrong. The way that the liberals shouted down the feminist mentor had made them no different from hooligans that do not gave others with different views a place or freedom to speak their mind. The evils of democracy, of course!

Now it is time for you to concentrate our corruption of the feminist mentor and the hooligan liberals. For the feminist mentor (whom some coined the Thio-liban), it is time for her to moan for her defeat and the lack of respect shown to her by the young punks. She would realize that our Enemy had not come to help her in the darkest hour. Like how the brightest angel fell to the darkness of hell, it is time for you to whisper words of revenge, anger and blood. Tell her to continue her crusade and misguide her to think that she was doing our Enemy's work. Then use her status to influence over those weaklings with status around her so that they can further spread our virulent and discriminatory agenda on gays and lesbians. After all, that's how Rupert, your cousin has done to the Christian Right in the US. If necessary, persuade her daughter to stay the course and stay nominated as an NMP to further the discriminatory evil agenda that we laid out for them.

For the liberals, life is simpler. They have won, and they would claim that they can now change the society. Continue to pass sublimal messages to those liberals who boo-ed the feminist mentor. Continue to let their sense of justice to be turned into anger and hooliganism so that they will tolerate no voice but their own. Then our minions, aka the politicians can come and rein them in with vicious methods of regulation and charges of defamation as time goes on.

After all, our feminist mentor and her minions did not realize that you have secretly double crossed her. Your deliberate ploy using backdoor pressure from the politicians to goad Pastor Derek Hong into apologising for the misusing pulpit has been brilliant. Only the dumb and the moronic will be tricked into thinking that the establishment (which we controlled) do not want to get involved in this so-called civil society fiasco. Of course, they don't realize that we are the ones who are pulling the strings and manipulating our muppets to action.

If there is something to be gained by our Enemy, it is the sense of self-righteousness that leaves much disdain from us. Yet, letting them to win this battle is a strategy for us to last out and win the war.

So, my dearest niece, continue to make your Singaporean civil society to be intolerant, suspicious of each other's agendas and getting precedents so that your minions can use them to further your cause.

Lots of Hate,
Uncle Screwtape