Friday, December 29, 2006

Complete Destruction of the Far Right

Dear Natasha,

It has been a long time your uncle Screwtape has written to you. How are the darkest days seem to you?

Your cousins in hell have recently collaborated on a project to make life hard for Asia again. First, there was a tsunami two years back, followed by an earthquake and finally, in trinity, a way to make the entire internet connection for Asia went haywire for a few weeks. Our ways of making life difficult for the humans know no bounds. Of course, even the smallest course of things can change history, as an enemy from the other side once wrote in his book about some little halfings saving the world by dropping the ring into a volcano.

Of course, your recent letter to me has told me that you have successfully corrupted the people from the far right in the little red dot you resided. I was annoyed that your efforts to corrupt the party with the hammer sign failed, particularly when the ostracized politician by the name of James Gomez did what the enemy preaches, i.e. forgive those hurt you. So smack of the propaganda on the other side. In fact, they have become more disciplined ever by moving out of the internet. Of course, I read from your letter that you instilled elements in the forums to get Goh Meng Seng out of the picture. That's a bad move because it turned the party with a hammer more disciplined. Still, I have to tell you that we have to leave them for a while before coming out with new ways to corrupt them.

However, I take pleasure with your new ways to corrupt the far right, namely the Chee Soon Juan and his motley crew. Particularly, I was impressed by what I have seen in Singapore Election Watch. Your attempts in whispering the doctrine of polarizing the the ruling party and the CSJ crew have succeeded. As a matter of fact, you have exposed these people now to be stooges of the CSJ crew.

Our aim is to ensure the complete destruction of the far right. Now they have no credibility left. They think that they are in stealth mode to put up videos for the elections, but for the electorate, people forget and that is how the ruling party has consolidated power. The way to make these people lose their credibility are as follows:
  • Let them alienate the moderate, credible and the reasonable: It is so elegant to see some people like CSJ with permanent head damage to end up in the state of the ruffian. The SEW team has done that by alienating the group of bloggers who did not pander to the left and the right. Your strategy in getting the SEW crew to discredit the wrong group of people demonstrated their hypocrisy of SEW outright.
  • Let them distort the truth, change facts and lie to be right about their position: Your brilliance in whispering to the writer's mind to corrupt him to distort the truth of the correct position of a credible blogger's position has created an effective image of what a bunch of liars they are. These desperate people in SEW has now learned that in order for them to win, they have to lie. Even if the others have put in front of their face that one credible blogger did not support self-regulation and has make clarification, they will not retract that they have wronged someone but in fact, they continue to attack that blogger. This is so typical of liars and their lack of net etiquette has now sent the whole site to the gallows. They like to seek justice for their fallen comrade, but in their "ends justify means" mentality, they have done the same to others with what the ruling party has done with CSJ. You have even taught the owner to use anonymous identities to rebutt the critics. What a brilliant move you have made in the process in making these people look like idiots.
  • Let them intimidate and polarize others: As a matter of fact, they are now starting to threaten the credible bloggers to be like CSJ, otherwise they will continue to spew lies and rubbish about them. As a matter of fact, they have shown in their writings how they have ended up in threatening others to join CSJ and his retarded ideology:
    "We think that he's too deep in his own bullshit that he fails to realize that one has to fight the system to change it, and the fight often takes up unconventional means. To suggest a regulatory concept around such means is to suggest that Singaporeans should simply passively give in to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew." - SEW and repeated by his anonymous ids.

  • Let them continue talking about freedom of speech and alienate everyone: The future is bright and I sense that these people will die out one by one. They preached about freedom of speech and yet not believed that there is responsibility associated with that kind of speech. In fact, they reminded me of those extremist elements that are killing innocent people everyday in Iraq. How did we the evil Side so successfully create some much trouble for the world? It is because of freedom of speech, because uneducated couths like the Singapore Election Watch group will continue to spew their brand of double standards to others.
Yes, my dear niece, you have shown that SEW has cemented the beginning of the end for their site. They have totally lost street credibility by alienating the group who can help them most in times of need. Your report on their recent activities has shown three things:
  • They are less credible than Singabloodypore and now they have dug their own grave in order to generate traffic. It is likely that these people have done this to create traffic for themselves.
  • They have degenerated into a bunch of mobsters who lie and cheat about others' positions. They now have no more street credibility.
  • They can continue sing the tune of CSJ, who will end up in jail and you can continue to corrupt CSJ in making noise about the prison, the lack of freedom and the lies about "where's the money?"
I am sure that the Dark One will be impressed by your dark efforts to corrupt these people. As a matter of fact, if they have started to attack others who are neutral, reasonable and credible, they would not now have the other bloggers condemning them for the lies and distortions. The best part is that you did not even need the ruling party to do anything about them. The ruling party can sit at home and laugh out loud by watching their self destruction. It's easier to corrupt those stooges in SEW than to regulate the internet and stop them. By letting them spouting out lies, in the eyes of all other bloggers and quiet public, they have dug their own graves.

Continue to whisper the lies and the deceit into the people behind the blog. Only then, it will serve us well.

My evil thoughts are with you.

your darkest lovable uncle

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