Friday, May 19, 2006

To Kill The Mocking Bird

Dear Natasha,

Good tidings you have brought to your uncle last week. The ruling party has once again controlled the Singaporean parliament. As Lord Acton once put so well, "Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely." I see that you whisper into the ears of the older politicians that they must use all their might to crush the opposition. The people has once again succumb to materialism. The greed of man, as you will know by now, is our most powerful weapon to seduce the common folk to the dark side. As our evil Lord said in his doctrine that if you cannot crush them, fix them. So, James Gomez was a casualty of our war.

Your only little mistake is with the PM speaking in City Hall. How can you suggest the words of "fix"? It should have been "manage". That could cost us the loss of more people to join the other side, otherwise, known as the Bright Side. Although you have recently revised some of the language to "manage" and "control", I am sure that Freudian slips are often not with the weakest of the man, but also the strongest of the demons.

Now, the forces of the Enemy have not ended their struggle. They usually don't do much after the elections. Now they have begun their crusade against the mainstream media. From your letters, you told me that they are beginning to ease their control over the people. Freedom is on the march for the netizens. It is not in our interest to allow the internet to gain an alternative channel to fight against our propaganda. We have to crush them. These sad and unfortunate netizens have always prided upon large turnouts in rallies and their call for freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a dumb construct of our Enemy. He has let Man speak too much that they disobeyed and betrayed him to the cross.

Your little trick to get the new ruling party backbencher to condemn the internet as being too negative to the ruling party has worked. Immediately, you see the bloggers has risen to the crusade to this poor little hag. Continue to fan the fires and get the bloggers to crucify the woman.

The way to greater evil is by polarisation and not by moderate views. Look at how your other uncle Asmodeus, lord of the Seven Hells have done to the American President. With his consistent suggestions to Karl, he has garnered a pre-emptive war in modern day. The same is here. The continual attacks from the bloggers will continue the divide rather than heal it. I was appalled that James Gomez did not retailiate to the snipes of the Minister Mentor. It seems that our Enemy has done well with the opposition, teaching them the art of forgive and forget.

My last and final word for today is the little con job that you got NUS to do. So dark the con of NUS.

My thoughts are with you my niece, and luckily you are still a small midget like Gayle.

love always,
Uncle Lived Nomed


gayle said...

Hilarious and inventive. Good job, Uncle Nomed.

Lived Nomed said...


Thank you for your note.
C.S Lewis will be suing me for intellectual property rights.

yours sincerely,
Uncle Nomed