Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sarong Party Girls

Dear Natasha,

You are always in my thoughts. I could feel the force of your evil lately. As I understand from your last letter, you have been spending your time hanging around in the Ministry of Sound. It is definitely in our superior's ploy that we transported the entire club from London down to this little red dot. Of course, it is the perfect hotspot for you to find your victims.

You spoke of your happiness with your present client, Miss Izzy, with your constant love of spilling the postmodernist and "free yourself" imagery into her mind. Of course, reading her blog could provide a glimpse of how much work you have placed to corrupt her. She always thought that she was with our Enemy, but she did not know that you are her guardian angel. Of course, sexual desires are the easiest to exploit, particularly for the women in this little red dot. I knew that the evil trick which you did to that poor polytechnic girl named Tammy. Now that ranchy video has spreaded like wild fire in our worldwide web and yet, it is still not as proliferic as the Paris Hilton one that was done by your cousin, Dark Side.

Of course, my advice to you is to continue to spread the mantra of "free yourself" and amoralistic values into Miss Izzy. The more she talks about how liberated she is, the more that she has elevated to leave the ranks of our Enemy, who could make her Sundays church sound boring. Your ploy to trick her into baring nude and be a Sarong Party girl has been brilliant. Of course, it bears the hallmark of those silly romance Hollywood movies that we have placed in Beverly Hills, California. Those typical Hollywood dramas about a Caucasian man having a romance with a local woman in some exotic land like our little red dot works best. Surely these dumb women did not realize that they are selling themselves short. Clearly, it demonstrates the post colonial hangover in these women that they need to be fed by stupid white men. Of course, they can continue their liberating movement or otherwise, risk living the repressed and moral life prescribed by our Enemy.

Perhaps, you should feeding her more thoughts with menage a trois and lesbian movies imagery. Those thoughts are the seed to her eventual turncoat from our enemy. Yes, she will claim of her sexual liberation and her constant disdain of moral values in life. Unfortunately, guilt is the most powerful weapon that we possess.

So, my dearest niece, I will leave you to your own devices on sexual liberation.

your dearest uncle,
Nomed Lived

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milos said...

who is natasha? In what way is Miss Izzy her client. pray tell.